We provide fully integrated solutions with a number of features not seen anywhere else in the market.

StreamVenue Healthcare provides "plug-and-play" solutions. Save money by integrating into the operating room's existing infrastructure. This eliminates the need for a production team and the expensive equipment they provide. There's no satellite, no trucks, no crews and no environmental changes for the surgeon or patient.

Surgeon Perspective - Innovative "Point of View" Learning. Our solutions provide a minimum of two side-by-side videos: one internal view, and another more expansive external view of the doctor and his operating room. This two-paneled viewing experience simulates the feel of being in the OR, even for off-site participants who may be thousands of miles away.

StreamingOR provides Real Time transport of Surgical HD Video. This video clip is intended only to display the video quality end users will expierence during a Real Time event. To request a Real Time Demo contact See more sample videos

Affordable capture and global delivery of "real-time" HD surgical video. Our solutions present a number of advantages, notably including the ability for event to be transmitted globally and or captured and edited for future use.

Our clients take pride in the fact that StreamVenue Healthcare is a team-run business that is wholly capable of delivering a completely integrated solution to each client. Each clients experience with StreamVenue Healthcare will be slightly different, as we cater to each client's particular needs and desires.

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